Water Quality Reports

Understanding Water Quality Reports:

MRL -- Minimum Reporting Level
Smallest amount that can be measured by the test instrument.
*Any test result below the MRL is considered non-detect/not present/none.

MCL -- Minimum Concentration Level
Regulatory limit defining the safe/acceptable amount of a substance.

Result Column:
Amounts shown as <X equal Non-Detect, or not present. Example: <2.0
Bold numbers indicate a substance found in concentrations above the MRL.

mg/L             milligrams per liter, or parts per million (ppm)
μg/L              microgram per liter, or parts per billion (ppb)
ng/L              nanograms per liter, or parts per trillion (ppt)
umhos/cm   micromhos per centimeter

Monthly Water Quality Report

Average water quality parameters.
Current report: January-March 2020 (Expect 1 month reporting lag time.)

Ad-Hoc Water Quality Reports

Tests performed in response to community concern about these substances:
(7/12/17) - Pesticides & herbicides (Report 1)    None found.
(7/12/17) - Pesticides & herbicides (Report 2)    None found.
(8/02/17) - GenX & PFAS Compounds    No GenX found.  PFOA/PFOS present far below EPA Health Advisory.

Annual Water Quality Report / Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Questions/request hard copies: (843) 727-6800 or email.

Unregulated Compound Position Statement (Voluntary testing)

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