Current Capital Improvements Program

Charleston Water System's 2014 - 2017 Capital Improvements Program was approved by our Board of Commissioners on November 26, 2013.

Capital Improvement Project Location Map

This interactive map shows the location, project status, and approximate cost our Water and Wastewater Capital Projects. The projects are grouped into four categories: Hanahan Water Treatment Plant, Water Distribution, Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Wastewater Collection.  The map also serves as an effective tool to visualize the size and complexity of the large infrastructure improvements underway.

Capital Improvement Project Location Map

Capital Improvements Program 2016 Annual Report (PDF: 4.0MB)
It includes 18 critical water and sewer infrastructure projects that will allow us to accommodate growth in our service area, rehabilitate or replace aging infrastructure, and continue to meet changing regulatory requirements.

Projects in this Capital Improvements Program include:

  • Extension of the 16-inch water transmission main serving Hollywood and Ravenel
  • New facilities at the Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, including pre-treatment, (headworks), primary clarifiers, and final settling tanks
  • Rehabilitation of the gravity sewer trunk mains that serve the Highway 61 corridor and Johns Island
  • Replacement of a 110-year-old settling basin at the Hanahan Water Treatment Plant
View the complete list of projects.
Capital Improvement 2016